cropped-fotosession-04.jpgI am a Swedish/Icelandic musician who has recently moved to Stockholm from Umeå—The City of Birches—where I was born. I like to think my music is influenced by the vast forrest of northern Sweden, and the rugged beauty of Iceland. Just listen to the lyrics of “Northbound“.

I have just started to release the material that came out of an intensive recording session with producer Tyler Johnson in the wonderful Demningen Studio located up in the mountains around Bergen, Norway. The single Over My Head was the first track we released and now I’m Here is out too. More is on the way.

I am passionate about music that breathes quality, regardless of genre, but have a preference for acoustic music performed by accomplished musicians on real instruments. I like my music to have an impact on the listener in some more lasting manner, not just be a catchy tune. Either by evoking some feeling with the harmonies, creating some atmosphere with the lyrics, or trying to communicate to the audience some reflection on the things that matter in life. I write music for others, and am open to suggestions for collaboration.

I am one of the founding members of music collective Lärkträdet (The Larch), whose core members once shared a detached house in Umeå. The collective gave rise to a numer of band-constellations such as Brother NorthLärkträdet, and Högkvarteret. They are all in hiatus now, but we made some great music.



Freyr Studio_MG_0528My musical training began at six, playing the flute in the Suzuki program of Umeå Music Services until I was sixteen. At twelve I was admitted to Umeå Music Classes, which is a regular school except the students are admitted according to musical talent and receive at least one hour of musical training a day, either in the form of choir practice, brass band practice, and pop/rock band practice. There I received basic practice in playing drums, bass, electric guitar and piano. At fourteen I was admitted to F-linjen at Umeå Music Services, which allowed me to add classical guitar to my repertoire. Since then I have been endlessly playing.

I first started in a band at twelve, called Thingvellir. We only played our own music and in fact recorded an album when we were 14 but it was never released. The band reformed later as Slingshot Theory, and came runner–up twice in the regional finals of Musik Direkt, a national competition. Slingshot Theory broke up when its members went off to various colleges in different parts of the country, leaving only me and Lucas Enquist in Umeå. We decided to continue our collaboration as a duo called Brother North, and to engage other musicians only for gigs and recording.


Thingvellir/Slingshot Theory

My parents moved to the UK when I was 16, but I decided to stay in Umeå. They rented their house to students, and I lived there as part of that collective while finishing my A-levels. My friend Lucas later moved into the collective, and gradually other musicians moved in too. First Ludvig Söderström which has a very eccentric style on electric guitar, as you can hear on Fristad. We hit some kind of inspirational high and created material for a whole album over a couple of weeks during the summer of 2012 which we later recorded and hope to release soon. Our project is called Lärkträdet (The Larch). At that point the number of musical collaborators that were regularly coming to our house to jam was running close to 30, so we formed a music collective that also was called Lärkträdet, simply because that is the name of the property we lived in. It has created some confusion that the duo Lärkträdet and the collective have the same name, but it’s healthy to mix things up a little.

Some time later two rappers joined the household and we all joined up to create the big band Högkvarteret (Headquarters) which plays melodious pop with rap lyrics. The band has just recorded material for an album, but we weren’t totally happy with how it turned out, so we are doing it all over again before we release it.


Högkvarteret Live


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  1. Hi!

    Is there a link to the lyrics to I’m Here? It’s easier for me to be able to read the lyrics, as well as hear them. 🙂


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