Skärmavbild 2020-10-05 kl. 12.57.53I am a Swedish-Icelandic musician/composer, doing a little bit of everything (see, Project Gallery). As a solo artist I have released 13 tracks through Nettwerk Music Group (see, my Music), but I also compose music for other artists as well as scores for adverts, films, and computer games. My music has been licensed for adverts for VY-Gruppen, one of the largest train-companies in Scandinavia, and for the Netflix series Atypical. I recently composed and co-produced an EP for Spanish vocalist Mei de la Cruz in collaboration with Toontunes co-founder Mathias Eklund and Mexican lyricist Alicia Luna Menguante. Mei’s first single, Vamos, has just been released. At the moment I am composing music for Viktor Jonssons new computer game Snowtracked, and hoping to start recording two songs in collaboration with artists in the US and Canada, respectively. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with offers of collaboration.

Skärmavbild 2020-10-05 kl. 12.59.44Solo-career

So far I have released the EP I’m Sorry (2020) and the album Nicotine Bunker (2021). Both came out of a couple of intensive recording sessions with producer Tyler Johnson. The first two tracks we recorded and released as singles—Over My Head and I’m Here—helped me get signed to Canadian Nettwerk Music Group to do 11 more songs. The rest we recorded during an unforgettable month in Vancouver.

It is difficult to put my music in a single genre. Over My Head is at rock bottom an acoustic folk-tune but with a good dash of atmospheric ambient.  Avalon has an edgy trip-hop touch to it, reminiscent of Massive Attack. Surveilling Sky may remind people of Ásgeir Trausti. The two tracks Nicotine Bunker and  Modern Ages are more light and playful and may make you think of a mix between Jose González and Kings of Convenience. Permission to Lose is fragile, thoughtful and melodic á la Nick Drake. American Poster is a fusion of flamenco, rap, folk and trip-hop. You Want Love may be the folkiest piece I have ever written while Departure is a dreamy mediative instrumental track.

The early years

I have not always been a solo-artist. When I was 14 I started the band Thingvellir with a group of friends, which later morphed into The Slingshot Theory. We made as far as being runners-up in a couple of regional band-competitions, and actually recorded an album which however never got released. The band split up when two of the members went to music college in other parts of the country. In 2012 I founded the music collective Lärkträdet (The Larch) together with Lucas Enquist and Ludvig Söderström. The core members of the collective shared a detached house in Umeå for 3 years and our collaboration gave rise to a numer of band constellations, such as Brother NorthLärkträdet, and Högkvarteret. We played so many gigs in that period that in 2015 Umeå City Council awarded me the annual Travel and Culture Stipend for having “contributed to the strengthening of Umeå’s status in Sweden and the World as a city of music and culture”.

Brother North self-released an album in 2014 which the online-blog Beehype selected as one of the Best Icelandic Albums of 2014. You can listen to the album on our soundcloud page. The bands are all in hiatus now, but we made some great music and still get together now and again for a jam.



Freyr Studio_MG_0528My musical training began when I was six, playing the flute in the Suzuki program of Umeå Music Services until I was sixteen. At twelve I was admitted to Umeå Music Classes, which is a regular school except the students receive at least one hour of musical training a day in the form of choir and brass band practice, as well as and pop/rock band practice. There I acquired the basics in playing drums, bass, electric guitar and piano. At fourteen I was admitted to F-linjen at Umeå Music Services, which allowed me to add classical guitar to my repertoire. Since then I have been endlessly playing.


Thingvellir/Slingshot Theory

My parents moved to the UK when I was 16, but I decided to stay in Umeå. They rented their house to students, and I lived there as part of that collective while finishing my A-levels. My friend Lucas later moved into the collective, and gradually other musicians moved in too. First Ludvig Söderström which has a very eccentric style on electric guitar, as you can hear on Fristad. We hit some kind of inspirational high and created material for a whole album over a couple of weeks during the summer of 2012 which we later recorded but never got to release. Our project is called Lärkträdet (The Larch). At that point the number of musical collaborators that were regularly coming to our house to jam was running close to 30, so we formed a music collective that also was called Lärkträdet, simply because that was the name of the property we lived in.

Some time later two rappers joined the household and we all joined up to create the big band Högkvarteret (Headquarters) which plays melodious pop with rap lyrics. We recorded material for an album, but weren’t totally happy with how it turned out, so it never got released. But here is a taster of how we sounded: Känslan (The Feeling)


Högkvarteret Live


12 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Hi!

    Is there a link to the lyrics to I’m Here? It’s easier for me to be able to read the lyrics, as well as hear them. 🙂


      1. Wow! I happened upon your pretty music again and never realized that you responded back to my question. Thank you so much. I read them. Beautiful & poetic lyrics.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, do you think you can share your sheet music to Over My Head for Guitar? Thank you and Over My Head is very soothing to my heart.


    1. Hi Brandon. Unfortunately I don’t have any sheet music for that track, and nothing for the guitar of any of my songs. The sheet music I write is typically for the musicians I engage to play gigs with me (you know, trombone, cello, bass, piano). But, I have thought about writing it down. You’ll be the first to know if I find time to do it 🙂 Until then the best I can do is point you to the live in studio version where you could possibly figure it out visually from what I am doing: All the best, Freyr


    1. Hi Marten. Wonderful review, thank you so much. It is so good to hear that someone responds to the music in the way I hoped people would respond. Hope to get an opportunity to play again in Berlin soon. All the best, Freyr

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi from Russia! Second day listen your music on repeat, it’s magical! Thank you 🙂
    Two questions:
    1. How can we support you?
    2. Do you plan any concerts?


    1. Hi!

      You are already supporting me by playing my music. If you want to do more, please share the music to friends and family 🙏

      I don’t have any concerts planned but it would be exciting to play in Russia for sure. If you know places that have folk music I’d definitely be wanting to come and play. 😊

      Let’s keep in touch



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