NETFLIX—Soundtrack for Atypical Season 4

My first single Over My Head was licenced by Mesquite Productions Inc. for the soundtrack of the Netflix series Atypical, Season 4 that premiered on 9 July 2021. The song is featured in Episode 10.

VYGRUPPEN—Ad for night-train to Norrland

My music makes for really good soundtrack for movies and ads. Recently VYGRUPPEN licensed Ride the Stream for use in their ads for the night train to northern Sweden. Wonderful that my first commercial deal went to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable travel to a region I love.

Collaboration with Toontrack founder Mattias Eklund and singer Mei de la Cruz in making some beautiful spanish tunes (to be released)

Tónlist i Luleå | Every month I organise a night with folk music. On the opening night musicians who had never met came together on stage to improvise a set together. See our facebook page for upcoming events

Acoustic live improvisation to Xivana’s electronic set on Kulturnatten in Luleå 11 Sept. 2021

Living Room Concerts | Gallery

Brother North | Listen to our debut album selected of the Best Icelandic Albums of 2014 by Beehype

Lärkträdet | Listen to some of the demos we made

Högkvarteret | Big band doing musical rap. Here’s an example of what we did: Känslan

Gig History | Gallery