One boring winters night-out in Umeå, Freyr and Ludvig met artist Carl Adam over a couple of beers. The next day Carl Adam moved in to live with us. Carl Adam brought us together with rappers Stinsen and VonHagen who were looking for a band. We organised a jam session, and Ludvig and I brought along Lucas to play the base and Bojtikken to play drums. On this first session we wrote Känslan and formed Högkvarteret (Headquarters) .

“Känslan” by  Högkvarteret

Later we added supertalents Elias Häreskog (electric guitar) and Sebastian Jonsson (saxophone) and went on to do an album. The first song to come out of the studio is Smuts och Damm (Dirt and Dust):

“Smuts och Damm” by Högkvarteret

Here are some fun videos made during our short-lived collaboration

Högkvarteret — Dragspelsjazz

Högkvarteret @ Scharinska


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