Brother North is a collaboration with my old-time friend Lucas Enquist. We’ve made music together since we both joined Umeå Music Classes at the age of twelve. We started out as heavy metal nerds, but grew up. Now we make folk-pop with an orchestral sound. Our self-titled debut album was released on 28 April 2014.

Brother North2

Brother North are Freyr Flodgren and Lucas Enquist

Amazingly, the album was selected one of the Best Icelandic Albums of 2014, by Beehype, an international collaboration of music journalists and DJs in 44 countries. You can buy the album on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify or find us on Soundcloud.Beehype-best of Iceland


Best Icelandic Albums 2014 according to Beehype

The album has been received very favourably by the critics, and the listeners. Beehype put it on their Best of Icelandic Albums in 2014. The first track of the album as +72.000 plays on Soundcloud, and was featured as up-and-coming in the category #Folk. Here are some quotes by those who have blogged about us:

Hidden Gem: Brother North…Featuring delicate acoustic guitar accentuated by cello and piano, the pair deliver a brief yet beautiful collection of atmospheric melodies. The album takes the listener on an intimate, 29-minute journey with eight songs that feel like the gentle caress of soft sunlight. This is a tranquil album that conjures the smell of summer, the feel of wet grass and fresh air…Brother Northmay reside in the northern cold of Sweden, but their music inhabits a sunny soundscape that is peacefully warming. And it is startling that they remain unsigned, but possibly not for long

 The Revue (Canada)

Fantastic rock/folk/pop/ duo and we mean fantastic, with there melodic beautiful sounds accompanied by some super vocals these guys are a real pleasure to listen to. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is second to none

Rock Bandom (USA)

Their harmonies and layered sounds wrap around you like the heat from a fireplace on a cold, winter day

Nitesh at Atwood Magazine (USA).

The vocals throughout the album are beautifully suited to the sounds the duo create in their compositions and the inclusion of brass and strings give the work scope and sends the pair on musical flight over the Northern Scandinavia they so fondly write about

Ben Crowther at Spiral Earth (UK).

And so on and so forth for others:

Nordic Music Review (UK), Deadly Music (Ireland), All Scandinavian (Denmark), Songsforwhoever (Sweden), Rjóminn (Iceland), Swedish Music (Sweden), Meadowmusic (Sweden), Kentuckyseven (Sweden), Popmuzik (Sweden), Honey & Bile (UK), Green Go (Russia), Indiemusik (Sweden), Hymn (Sweden), Norran (Sweden), Stacja Islandia (Poland), Muzyka Islandzka (Poland), (UK), and Lizt (Brazil).

Here are some live performances:

Brother North @ Hammock Sessions

Brother North @ Hundtjärn

Brother North @ Kulturnatta


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