Fresh on The Net, 21 Feb. 2023

“‘This life is pretty, like the lines in your palm,’ he sings in a voice of Sufjan Stevens-like softness, the sweetly old-fashioned romanticism of his words brought home by bright, lilting piano. Monumentally tender but with enough melancholic edging to avoid mawkishness, this is a warm hearthside of a song, and comfort listening at its best”—read more

Soundtrack of My Life, 11 Feb 2023

“Was bleibt bestehen, wenn man all die Herausforderungen, die Streitereien, die unterschiedlichen Ansichten und Marotten einmal außen vor lässt? Es bleibt die pure Liebe zur anderen Person übrig”—read more 

Here Comes the Flood, 10 Feb. 2023

“Swedish/Icelandic musician Freyr captures the push-and-pull of where to go next in a relationship – and whether they should take it to the next level” — read more

Purple Melon, 3 Feb. 2023

“Full of Bon Iver-esque vocals, chugging folk percussion and layers of rural strings” – read more

Oleada Indie 28 Jan. 2023

“Este sencillo es de lo mejor que te vas a encontrar actualmente si eres amante del folk, pues las guitarras y los pequeños toques de percusión le dan esa esencia del folk tradicional, pero al mismo tiempo el piano así como los efectos le dan toques de indie pop muy interesantes, complementando con unas voces muy bien trabajadas que están como cereza en el pastel para esta canción” — read more

Dusty Organ, 25 Jan. 2023

Swedish Singer-Songwriter Freyr Returns With Haunting New Single & Video “Abandoned Places” —read more

Nagamag 22 Jan. 2023

“The track with its calm power manages to draw us in and excite us” — read more

The Wild is Calling Us 20 Jan. 2023

“There’s a calm fury to the sound of Freyr.  A quiet storm that brews and stews within. This is how we imagine Kings of Convenience might sound if produced by Bon Iver” — read more

Conversations About Her 19 Jan. 2023

“The idea of the song is very interesting and also beautiful with most heartbreaking tunes. It is hard to understand if the song is about hope,disappointment or giving up and that’s the beauty of it all” —read more

Albumm 19 jan. 2023

“A classic call-and-response, cinematic piano and guitar entwine while his breathy vocals resound with a question, “Why do we come here to abandoned places? “read more

Wolf in a Suit 18 jan. 2023

“There’s something about this soundscape that makes for a one-of-a-kind experience, sure to turn you all into fans. So listen closely, open your eyes and dive into the sweet unknown magic of the must-listen gem that is “Abandoned Places”. Enjoy!” — read more

We All Want Something to Shout For 17 Jan. 2023

“There is a haunted quality to the track which adds a new dimension to Freyr’s already quite captivating sound”— read more

Indie Obsessive 16 Jan. 2023

“For us, the most enchanting feature occurs just beyond the one-minute mark with the harmonization of the seemingly existential lines “We don’t know what we are // We don’t know why we are”” — read more

Pretty in Noise 16 Jan 2023

“Seine neue Single Abandoned Places ist ein klassischer Call and Response-Track über die Zwiesprache zwischen einem Engel und einem Teufel, die mit der Liebe kämpfen” —read more

Zone Nights 16 Jan. 2023

Freyr, ha puesto a rodar un sublime sencillo, que debés considerar para tu biblioteca musical”— read more

The Revue 16 Jan. 2023

“By now, Freyr Flodgren should be a household name – or at least known throughout the folk industry. His voice is as gentle as Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens. His musical approach is akin to the gorgeous and widescreen soundscapes José González creates. Meanwhile, his outward songwriting resembles that of Elliott Smith and The Tallest Man on Earth” —read more

We Love Nordic 14 Jan. 2023

“Folk-singer Freyr Flodgren is back with his first single release since 2021. We are still fans of his songs ‘Over my Head‘ and ‘Neighbor boy‘. And ‘Abandoned Places’ takes up his vibe and delivers another wonderful slow-tempo folk-song with floating piano sounds”—read more

SOML 15 Jan. 2023

“Freyr glaubt man nicht nur das Erzählte, er schafft es viel mehr, durch seine emotionalen Geschichten dieses ganz bestimmte Gefühl in einem auszulösen, das sich aus – in unserer Vorstellung zusammengebauten – Kulissen speist” — read more

Fresh on the Net 15 Dec. 2021

“I think there’s a lot of that northern air contained in his music; it’s cool, crisp and refreshing […] like there’s actually some of the local light trapped in the track that’s released as you play it” — read more

IGGY magazine 17 aug. 2021

“Take the time, sit back and enjoy these few minutes of pure Pop-Folk . The one that abandons all the frills and goes to the essential, that is to say to transport you and deliver raw energy to you” — Read more

Fresh on the Net 28 June 2021

“For all its Nick Drake-esque prettiness, Neighbour Boy seems to be about how some of us grow up and move on, while others that perhaps we once admired become frozen in time, or stuck in their ways” — Read more

Soundkartell 30 June 2021

“Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich angetan bin von seinen sanften Tönen. Sehr bedächtig, ruhig und ein überaus gutes Picking an der Gitarre. Manchmal mit Schwung wie in „Ride the Stream“ oder wie gesagt sehr ruhig und einfühlsam wie in „You Want Love“” — Read more

Chillfiltr 20 June 2021

“With a distinct thread of intimacy and understated electronic mojo, Freyr presents a solid group songs that explore the nexus between Folktronica, indie pop, and singer-songwriter” — Read more

Sinusoidal 19 June 2021

“the songs in the album appear to the listener as episodic musical intervals of a larger romantic journey on the road” — Read more

We All Want Someone to Shout For 9 June 2021

“Like a mix of Jose Gonzalez and Fleet Foxes, he finds a spiritual passion that soars and touching you deep within your emotional core” — Read more

Phonograph Me 3 June 2021

“Mas o que mais me encanta é a sua toada alegre e luminosa, e, claro, o refrão orelhudo, que me deixam sempre de sorriso no rosto.” — Read more

Stacja Islandia 2 June 2021

“Freyr is an extraordinary artist who during “Nicotine Bunker” enchants the listener with a warm timbre, subtle sounds, beautiful compositions and carefully prepared arrangements” — Read more

The Revue 1 June 2021

“His songwriting style brings listeners into the moment with him, directing their focus not to the obvious but to the ethereal” — Read more

SOML 1 June 2021

“Alle eint der unglaublich sensible Mix aus organischen Instrumenten und melancholischen Gefühlen” — Read more

Popmani 31 May 2021

“Upplever allt som är vackert till Permission to Love och dansar med till American Poster, två favoritspår på nya albumet Nicotine Bunker” — Read more

Popmuzik 31 May 2021

“Freyr har med andra ord gjort ett album för själen i första hand, och det behöver vi definitivt mer av” — Read more

K100 31 May 2021

“Áminning til borgarbúa að taka sér frí” — Read more

Albumm 31 May 2021

„Náttúran í Vancouver hafði þessi áhrif“ — Read more

Disharmoni, 29 May 2021

“Et nydelig album, rett og slett!” — Read more

Bleistift Rocker 27 May 2021

“hypnotisierend und düster, sperrig und spannend” — Read more

Musikreviews 27 May 2021

“Und das hört man dann insbesondere den leichtfüßig pulsierenden, akustischen Arrangements auch deutlich an, mit denen die Songs auf ein ganz eigenes Level gehievt werden” — Read more

Phonograph Me, 3 Mar. 2021

“And when it stops playing, the song always leaves me with a smile on my face and a peaceful soul. And ‘only’ for that, it is worth listening to it time and time again” — Read more

Indie Criollo, 25 Feb. 2021

“Es amor puro que sólo necesitó la voz de Freyr para ser la explicación perfecta del amor” — Read more

The Revue, 24 Feb.

“We are huge fans of Swedish artists in general, but one particular artist always make us sigh in appreciation” ” Read more

Where the Music Meets, 19 Feb. 2021

“it’s uplifting and it’s a call for a happy morning or the first day of spring” — Read more

LooMee TV, 20 Feb. 2021

“Der Künstler ist ein wahrer Tausendsassa und spielte bereits in seiner Jugend sowohl Jazz und klassische Musik als auch Metal und Indie” — Read more

Popmuzik, 19 Feb. 2021

“Så följ med Freyr på sin resa här i bloggen och känn gemenskapen och kärleken tillsammans med en av de finaste singer-songwriters som du kan uppleva just nu” —Read more

Bleistiftrocker, 19 Feb. 2021

“‘Nicotine Bunker’ ist auch der Name des Albums, das der Musiker nun angekündigt hat und das am 28. Mai erscheinen soll. Es wird sein erster Longplayer sein, nachdem uns im vergangenen Sommer seine EP “I’m Sorry” begeistert hatte” — Read more

Soundtrack of My Life, 19 Feb. 2021

“Mit Nicotine Bunker hat Freyr einmal mehr den gelassenen, warmen Sound seiner Musik und Stimme eingefangen, um ihn uns zu präsentieren”— Read more

We All Want Someone to Shout For, 10 Dec. 2020

“yet another reason to believe that he is one of the best young voices on the folk music scene”— Read more

Djolo, 8 Dec. 2020

“en s’immergeant profondément dans une musique baignée par les forêts suédoises et les criques islandaises, une musique qui chante l’amour et le courage d’aimer, c’est « You Want Love », le dernier titre de l’artiste suédois-islandais Freyr” — Read more

Phonograph Me, 2 Dec. 2020

“Absolutamente maravilhoso” — Read More

Nordic Music Review, 2 Dec. 2020

“it’s a gentle yet jaunty little track, that skips through at first with the vocal melody but then builds with a flowing instrumental that creates a slightly different atmosphere” — Read more

Sonicbreakfast, 25 nov 2020

“The beat is fuzzy, the vocal toned, the backing organic and the guitar woozy as; it all comes together in a wonderfully reminiscent nod towards place and season” — Read more

Soundtrack of My Life, 23 nov 2020

“listen to one of the most suitable songs for the current season – in which you like to cuddle up in a blanket in the evening, light the candles and outside, on the other side of the window, watch the rough weather go by” — Read more

The Revue, 23 nov. 2020

“Freyr consistently delivers the kind of soul-soothing music that transcends the strict confines of the “folk” genre label” — read post

Popmuzik, 21 Nov 2020

“Låten bjuder på en behaglig känsla och arrangemang med sitt flytande ljudlandskap som får en att nästan sväva bort medan man lyssnar. Väldigt fint. Men att skapa känslor har ju Freyr alltid varit duktig på” — Läs mera

We All Want Someone to Shout For, 11 nov, 2020

“The title track shows an evolution of sorts for him, implementing slight electronic elements to his arsenal, which gives his vivid storytelling a new element that hits a little bit differently, but just as effectively” —Read more

Folkdaworld, 30 Oct. 2020

“In this one, Freyr mixes his indie folk melancholy and his serene voice with a relexing beat, but one that embodies the melody. It is those songs that invade not only our hearing, but also the environment in which we are. Relax, warm up, transcend. It is difficult here to hear only once” —Read more

Stacja Islandia 16 Oct, 2020

“To wszystko znajdą Państwo na albumie „I’m Sorry”, który jest małym, piętnastominutowym, arcydziełem niosącym ukojenie i wytchnienie. Freyr ma w sobie coś hipnotyzującego. Zapewne niewielu obecnie go zna, a przecież niewykluczone, że jego wydawniczy debiut stanowi narodziny gwiazdy” — Read more

Soundtrack of My Life, 10 oct 2020

“Music independent of genres” [in German] — Read more

Albumm, 8 oct 2020

“Í sumar var lagið „Ride the Stream” spilað duglega á öldum ljósvakans eins og t.d RÚV, en ekki könnuðust margir við flytjandann, Frey þrátt fyrir stutta kynningu snemmsumars hérna á ALBUMM” — Read more

The Revue, 5 Oct 2020

“The opening percussion is minimal, evoking the Massive Attack classic, “Teardrop.” From there, Freyr layers in subdued atmospheric textures. His rich vocals pair with soft piano that invites listeners to step into this sepia-toned dreamworld” — Read more

Here Comes the Flood, 5 Oct 2020

“Swedish/Icelandic musician Freyr Flodgren is drifting towards piano driven triphop on Avalon, the new single of his Freyr project” — Read more

The Revue, 10 July

“Freyr’s delivery has the intimacy of Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros […] But halfway through, the expanded instrumentation – including rich backing vocals plus a swell of piano and ambling percussion – makes this gem of a tune shine even brighter” —read more

Popmani, 3 July 2020

“Varje spår är inte den andra lik vilket är otroligt uppfriskande och visar på en stor bredd av musikaliskt uttryck” läs mer

Podcart, 15 May 2020

“There’s something timeless about ‘Neighbour Boy’, it leaves a lasting impression and becomes more rewarding with each listen…” read more

Chillfiltr, 7 May

“Equal parts storyteller and sonic alchemist, Freyr creates music that taps into the universal fragility of human existence” read more

Parapop, May

Vokal dan aksennya yang khas tentu menjadi catatan tersendiri. Iringan pentikan gitar akustik menjadikan lagu ini memiliki tingkat magis sempurna sebagai sebuah single kedua bagi pendatang baru ini” read more

Neon Music, 1 May

“Freyr’s new single Neighbour Boy conjures so much beauty through soft pillows of instrumentals that swell with love” read more 

The Revue, 27 April 2020

“The first thing you notice about this song, as with his previous releases, is its stark beauty. Unfettered by overproduction, Freyr opts for a minimalist approach. Every note has room to breathe” read more

We Love Nordic, 23 April 2020

Neighbour Boy catches the listener immediately with the laid-back sound and the thriving acoustic guitar playing” read more


Tonspion, 12 July 2018

Are you looking for the perfect soundtrack for your next daydream? The 25-year-old Freyr Flodgren delivers “Over My Head”

We Love Nordic, 10 July 2018

Damn, this is one of the best melodies we’ve heard in a long time. Such a calm song, perfect for a summer evening when it is dawning or when you are hiking and looking around in pure nature. We hope there are much more songs to come! Read more

NOrdic music review

Nordic Music Review, 26 June 2018

‘Over My Head’ is a beautifully constructed track which has a charming melody, soft listenable vocals and well thought out lyrics. He writes his music in an understated style that sounds so effortless, even though I know it clearly isn’t, and there is a warmth too that he conveys in his music that I like—Andy. Read more

FuGoMu3, 26 June 2018

On continue notre balade musical avec Freyr Flodgren qui nous propose une très belle chanson folk, accompagné par sa guitare et sa très jolie voix. Un très joli moment à apprécier. Read more


B-side Guys, 24 June

Freyr Flodgren’s voice has to be one of my favorites at the moment—Caleb. more

The Indie Folx, 22 June 2018

Freyr on Indie Folx

Over My Head’ is about one of those moments when reality and fantasy can’t be separated… Freyr has now turned that moment into a thing of beauty.


The Revue, 20 June 2018


The simple beauty of FREYR’s music surrounds you from the first note. The mellow, atmospheric tones of “Over My Head” echo the serene calm of Bon Iver and José González while his intimate vocals call to mind indie folk legend Nick Drake. This song rises to greet you like the dawn, shining its steady warmth with each passing minute. Sweden is home to many indie artists, but few possess FREYR’s gift for creating such understated musical elegance—Hollie Doherty


Mystic Sons, 11 June 2018


Swedish singer-songwriter takes his wistful cues from Damien Rice on this humble serenade


Ear To The Ground, 7 June 2018


Tracks like this one are why we exist as a site. There is no reason why this track should not be in everyone’s favorite go to mix. It is contemplative but airy, and worth every bit of your attentive affection — Matt Simon


Fresh On The Net, 4 June 2018

Fresh Faves

Freyr’s Soundcloud page describes him as a ‘… Swedish/Icelandic singer-songwriter with a passion for acoustic music’ and Over My Head lives up to that statement, offering a simplicity of approach that works because of the mesmerising melancholic beauty of the song. He has a definite pop voice that is youthful and yearning while his guitar playing is tasteful and delicate. Peace most definitely reigns. In terms of pop diplomacy Freyr appeals to our better nature with the honesty of his songwriting and it would take a tougher soul than mine to deny him—Neil March


Chillfiltr, 1 June 2018


There is something effervescent about this track, something to the lack of low-end except for the one tabla boom at the beginning of each bar. So the bed is made, and along with the sparkling plucked strings we have a serene, chesty baritone, softly weaving around in the shuffle of acoustic notes.


We All Want Someone To Shout For, 30 May, 2018


Quite frankly, “Over My Head” is one of the best folk rock tunes I’ve heard in some time and one of the best songs released in 2018 so far…Will Oliver


MP3 Hugger, 24 May, 2018


What a summer stroll of a tune, lush vocals, dainty acoustics and a classic folk tone that reminds one of Simon & Garfunkel… KH


Popmuzik, 19 May, 2018


Först ut nu är den vackra singeln Over my head. Låten bygger på en mix av de fina och frustrerande minnena från när han hade kollektivet Lärkträdet i Umeå. Resultatet är vackert avskalat och naket. Du kommer få en känsla av Sufjan Stevens och Bon Iver i musiken.


Folk Radio UK, 18 May, 2018

Folk Radio UK

The beautifully enchanting Over my Head is the first single to come out of the project which surely bodes well for the future. It’s also our Song of the Day.


Kentucky Seven, 6 March, 2015

Friday! Freyr! Fantastic!

One half of the amazing duo Brother North, Freyr Flodgren, is creating some magnetically beautiful tunes in a solo project. A man and his guitar may sound like a cliché, but in this case it is better than the cliché it self, it is like magic in sound. read more

Beehype, Best Icelandic Albums of 2014 selection

Icelandic/Swedish duo Brother North have been making music together for a decade with the culmination so far being the release of their great folk and post-rock self-titled debut last year. read more…

Atwood Magazine, USA, 14 May 2014

Their harmonies and layered sounds wrap around you like the heat from a fireplace on a cold, winter day. Listen to Skyward Lights, but don’t stop there. Put on some good headphones, listen to the entire album, and let yourself get lost in the world of Brother North. read more…

GreenGo, Russia 14 May 2014

Почти год назад, летом, я знакомил вас с коллективом Brother North. Тогда мы все познакомились с необычайно красивым скандинавским фолком, наслаждались сладкой акустикой и прохладным морским бризом, перемежающимся криком чаек. И вот 28 апреля случился релиз лонгплея ‘Brother North’, и теперь можно констатировать факт, что время музыкального наслаждения продлено еще на шесть великолепных воздушных песен. read more…

A New Band A Day, UK, 9 June 2014

Lärkträdet […] sing the above song called Fristad (which means ‘sanctuary’, translation fans). It’s deeply lovely: a frosty-sunrise of a song that signals happiness, holism and deep calm. I listened to it three times in a row. I don’t do anything three times in a row. This is a good song. read more…

Spiral Earth, UK,  9 July 2014

The vocals throughout the album are beautifully suited to the sounds the duo create in their compositions and the inclusion of brass and strings give the work scope and sends the pair on musical flight over the Northern Scandinavia they so fondly write about. Ultimately Brother North extend far beyond the realms of a simple duo making acoustic music and each song is a journey through their homeland. In short it’s travel music for any occasion. read more…

Musical Tribe, USA

Freyr Flodgren is a Swedish/Icelandic singer/songwriter currently living in the UK. Having performed and recorded with several bands over the past few years, he is now promoting his solo work. His song “What are We?” has a beautifully calm and introspective feel to it, a common thread in a lot of his work. His voice is flawless and his guitar playing is melodic yet uncomplicated. It’s obvious that Freyr is a technically good singer/songwriter, but what really makes this track great is that it just feels real. That’s something that can’t be taught. read more…

Kentucky Seven, Sweden, 6 March 2015

One half of the amazing duo Brother North, Freyr Flodgren, is creating some magnetically beautiful tunes in a solo project. A man and his guitar may sound like a cliché, but in this case it is better than the cliché it self, it is like magic in sound. This video, shot at ”Liturgical Room” at  Musikhögskolan in Piteå, way up north in Sweden, is pure and clean. A masterpiece in it’s simplicity. The sound of the strings. The voice in the empty room. Nothing but love for this. Enjoy this Fridays best tune. read more...

Rjominn, Iceland,  22 April 2015

Freyr Flodgren í Brother North, sem Rjóminn hefur fjallað um áður, vinnur nú að sólóplötu. Hingað til vinnur hann efnið fyrir rödd og klassískan gítar en svo á að bætast við kontrabassi og slagverk. Freyr hefur þegar tekið upp nokkur lög “læf í stúdíóinu” en svo er planið að fara í endanlegar upptökur með haustinu. Fyrsta lagið var tekið upp á myndband en það heitir ”Over My Head”. Freyr tók upp annað lag á SAE Institute í London en það heitir ”What are We?”. read more…

Interview in POSEMANIKIN, USA:

There is a Swedish/Icelandic folk artist you must keep your eye on… read more