New release: Night and Day | Available on all platforms

Single Man on the Moon | Available on all platforms

Single Wilderness, featuring Austin Basham | Available on all platforms

Single Lights Out | Available on all platforms

Single Lines in Your Palm | Available on all platforms

Monumentally tender but with enough melancholic edging to avoid mawkishnessPoppy Bristow, Fresh on the Net

Single Abandoned Places | Available on all platforms

There’s something about this soundscape that makes for a one-of-a-kind experience, sure to turn you all into fansWolf in a Suit

Album Nicotine Bunker | Available on all platforms

Where ordinary artists might sing about a campfire, Freyr captures the crackle of burning embers with his guitar and conveys its warmth with his voiceThe Revue

Single Departure | Available on all platforms

Single Nicotine Bunker | Available on all platforms

And when it stops playing, the song always leaves me with a smile on my face and a peaceful soul. And ‘only’ for that, it is worth listening to it time and time againPhonograph Me

Single American Poster | Available on all platforms

Einen ordentlichen Beat serviert Bleistiftrocker

Single You Want Love | Available on all platforms

Yet another reason to believe that he is one of the best young voices on the folk music scene We All Want Someone To Shout For

Single Avalon | Available on all platforms

The beat is fuzzy, the vocal toned, the backing organic and the guitar woozy as; it all comes together in a wonderfully reminiscent nod towards place and seasonSonic Breakfast

EP I’m Sorry | Buy/Play

Beautiful sounds and themes, beautiful melodies, beautiful voice and beautiful emotions. You will find all this on the “I’m Sorry” album, which is a small, 15-minute-long masterpiece that brings relief and respiteStacja Islandia

Single Neighbour Boy | Buy/Play

There’s something timeless about ‘Neighbour Boy’, it leaves a lasting impression and becomes more rewarding with each listenPodcart

Single I’m Sorry | Buy on iTunes, Play on Spotify

Freyr’s delivery has the intimacy of Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros, which in itself is enough to take your breath away. But halfway through, the expanded instrumentation – including rich backing vocals plus a swell of piano and ambling percussion – makes this gem of a tune shine even brighter The Revue

Single I’m Here | Buy on iTunes Play on Spotify

Over 1 000 000 plays on Spotify

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Damn, this is one of the best melodies we’ve heard in a long timeWe Love Nordic