EP Release

Midnight, meaning it’s a new day, meaning my first EP is complete on all platforms. I’m seriously a bit shocked in my body that it has been released – a bit nervous but mostly just super excited and eager to see what you guys think about it. Here is the link to all platforms: I’M SORRY

The last song ‘Ride the Stream’ is definitely a song where we pushed the boundaries a little bit by making classical guitar blend in with an electric storm.

Thank you Tyler Neil Johnson for being a real team-player in the studio, my best advisor, and an excellent musician.

Thank you Othalie Husøy for making the vibiest piano parts in the world and singing impeccably on my songs.

Thank you Nettwerk Music Group for welcoming me into the label and making this release possible. Signing to you is the most epic thing I’ve done.

Thank you Jubel for all features and special thanks to Julia-Lotta from that very company for advising me throughout this whole process of releasing songs.

Thank you Vivianne Jakobsson for filming and shooting and being a rock for me when the pressure has been high. Also a special thanks to my family for being supportive of my choice to try my chances in music. For an acoustic version of the song, check out my youtube – ‘Freyr Ride the Stream’ are the browsing words.


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