Having spent 6 years in various bands, and completed the work on three albums with three different bands, it was time to do something on my own. I want to create acoustic music that works well with just voice + guitar, but which can be arranged for a larger setting,  for instance, violin, bass, piano, oboe, and cello.

The song that marks the beginning of this solo project is “Over My Head”. I was lucky enough to get the chance to record it in Liturgiska rummet (The Lithurgical Room) in  the Piteå College of Music, with the help of Emilia Martin (sound) and Diana Sihlén (film).

“Over My Head” — Live @The Lithurgical Room

I went on a mini-tour of the UK in September and October of 2014 to play the new material in clubs and bars. The first gig was in Souterrain Live@Strongroom Bar. After the gig I got chatting with Kevin Jianoran, who is studying audioproduction at the SAE Institute in London. He had a studio slot at the institute the next weekend but no one to record. He asked if I had anything I wanted to record. Well, yeah. I had been working around the clock on “What Are We?” to finish it before the gig. We recorded it on a Saturday and it was out on Souncloud on Monday.

“What Are We?” — Recorded at the SAE Institute by Kevin Jianoran 

More recently I have been pulled back to writing lyrics in Swedish, inspired by such greats as Bellman, Cornelis Vreesvijk, and Fred Åkerström. Here is a taste of how that sounds like:

“Sov Med Mig” — Home recorded


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