LärkträdetA collaboration with my friend Ludvig Söderström, whose eccentric style on the electric guitar is inimitable. We met in the spring of 2012, when he moved in to live with me and Lucas, and during two rainy summer weeks cooped up in the house we wrote material for an album. We decided to call our project Lärkträdet (The Larch), since the property name of the house we live in is Lärkträdet 15. That name later also came to be the name of the music collective we belong to.

Our trademark is Jazzy Folk/Rock with poetic lyrics (in Swedish so far). We have recorded material for an album, but the sound technicians are still working on it. You can listen to pre-mix versions of four songs on Soundcloud, or have a look at our homemade video to Fristad.

We have been featured on A New Band a Day. Other blogs that have written about us include:

Songsforwhoever (Sweden)

Meadowmusic (Sweden)

GreenGo (Russia)


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