Brother North is a duo consisting of childhood friends Freyr Flodgren and Lucas Enquist. They have been making music together for a decade although they are only 22. The band is based in the City of Umeå in northern Sweden—European Capital of Culture in 2014—but Freyr has Icelandic ancestry, which turns up in the occasional Icelandic lyrics, such as in ‘Krummi’.

They released a self-titled debut album in April 2014, which has received a lot of praise from bloggers around the world. The music on this firs album can be characterised as Americana meets Scandinavian folk-pop. It captures the melancholic and dreamy atmosphere of the vast forests of northern Sweden and the rugged beauty of Iceland. The eight tracks offer beautiful soundscapes, vacillating between the calm and tranquil to the untamed, rugged and magnificent. It is the perfect soundtrack to a road movie drifting through the outback of your choice. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Brother North is a duo. They are accompanied on the album by a dozen of musicians from the very selective Piteå College of Music. Freyr and Lucas are themselves very gifted multi-instrumentalists. Freyr’s extraordinary vocals are of course imposing, but Lucas’ fingerpicking really is a joy.


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