Rjóminn 22 April 2015

“Freyr Flodgren med sólóverkefni”

—read in Rjóminn

Kentuckyseven 6 March 2015

“Friday! Freyr! Fantastic!”

—read in Kentuckyseven

Meadowmusic 27 February 2015

Freyr Flodgren—”What Are We?”

—read in Meadowmusic

Diamond Deposits

“Philosophical folk-pop with stunning vocals”

—read in Diamond Deposits

The New LoFi 19 December 2014

“Check out Freyr’s first single What are we?”

—read in The New LoFi


“Interview with Freyr Flodgren”

—read it on Posemanikin

Musical Tribe

“What really makes this track great is that it just feels real. That’s something that can’t be taught”

—read it on Musical Tribe


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