After 6 years playing in a series of bands, and sometimes in 3 bands simultaneously, I felt it was time to do something on my own. And I could feel the pull towards something even more acoustic than before, or even classical. The first thing I did was to buy a classical nylon-stringed guitar, a Swedish made Levin. In fact I got one of the last guitars remaining in the old guitarmaker’s workshop when he died.

Changing to a new guitar can be a fantastic inspiration. When I got my steel-stringed Faith Jupiter when I turned 18, the amazing sound coming from it inspired a whole new style of playing, and compoFreyr Studio_MG_0528sitions that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. It was no fluke that Faith has now won a prize for “Best Acoustic Guitar” two years in a row. Likewise, this new Levin had a really punchy sound for such a small instrument, and still really warm bass notes. The punch comes out really well in “What are We?” and the bass in “Over my Head”. Sadly, Ryanair managed to break the guitar on my return from the UK last fall. It is barely hanging on with the help of some Gaffa tape.


Anyway, things have taken a long and winding road from there. From playing my first compositions with violinist Elin Thorsell and a couple of other students at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, to doing a mini tour on my own in the UK, BrotherNorth Umeå Tidning 2and then back to Umeå to start a new job as a primary school teacher and trade a little manual labour for recording time in this new recording studio.

Now I am playing with this fantastic Double Bass player and hope to engage is percussionist friend too in the project. Recording an album in the fall (if all goes according to plan).


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